Pet Sitting Service


We are all individuals, and so are our cats. In order to get a thorough understanding of your cat’s needs and routine, as well as finding out about their likes and dislikes, I like to carry out a preliminary visit to your home where we can discuss your requirements. This is an informal visit and I’m a friendly type, so please don’t worry about your home looking immaculate! It’s purely for me to get all the information I need to provide you and your pet with the highest standard of service.

My service is tailored to your pet’s needs, but here is an overview of what I would usually do on my pet sitting visits:

  • Feeding your pet to your requirements, and refilling water stations
  • Thorough cleaning of feeding stations, litter tray, and any little mishaps
  • Administering medication if required
  • Ensuring that indoor cats are kept securely inside, or letting those out that don’t have a cat flap
  • Accompanying your pet to the garden if requested
  • Stroking and talking to your pet, and providing a willing lap
  • Grooming your pet (if allowed…)
  • Playing with your pet
  • Checking your pet’s general health and contacting you if there is a concern
  • Sending you updates and photos via text or email, if requested

Pet Sitting Services

Daily Visits

My daily visit service offers your pet regular interaction and company, and can be tailored to meet their needs. I can visit your pet up to four times per day, and the length of the visit can be adjusted if required. Please contact me to discuss your requirements.

Preliminary visit and consultation
30 minute visit
60 minute visit
Each additional pet

Complimentary service

As part of my pet sitting service I am also able to provide you with further peace of mind by ensuring your home looks “lived in” while you’re away. At your request I can open and close curtains, switch lights on and off, take the bins out on collection day, and water houseplants. I will visit your home in my own “unmarked” vehicle so as not to alert people to your absence.

What type of Pet Sitting service is right for me?

To give you an idea of how Purr Norfolk Pet Sitting can care for your pet while you’re away, I have come up with some examples of pets and their homes. These are fictional cats and scenarios to give you an idea of how my visits are tailored to meet the needs of your pet. However, some of these may well be familiar and perhaps you will recognise your own pet’s characteristics!

Angus is a lone-ranger who is perfectly happy to spend his days exploring his neighbourhood and doing his own thing. He spends all day outside but his owners like to keep him in at night. He is independent and doesn’t like too much fuss, but he is used to having food in the morning and evening, which his owners like too because it keeps him coming back home to them.

Angus would benefit from twice-daily visits, in order to keep to his feeding routine. During my visits to Angus I would spend time getting to know him (talking, stroking, playing) so that he is familiar with my scent and voice, and for him to associate me with food. Angus’ cat flap would be locked at night to ensure that he is safe.

Poppy is a very loving indoor cat who spends most of her time pottering around with her owner. She adores being on her human’s lap and she pines when they are apart. She is very particular about what she eats, preferring to have her food in small portions on a regular basis.

For Poppy, I would recommend the Overnight service combined with a visit during the day, to ensure that she has the human company and regular feeding that she is used to. My visits to Poppy would involve lots of cuddles, fuss, play and lap-time, as well as telling her how beautiful she is…

These boys are brothers but there’s no sibling affection here – they put up with each other and live together quite peaceably when their needs are met, but when they get hungry or bored they start to bicker at each other, resulting in tussles which can turn into all-out war!

Toby and Otto need regular attention and stimulation to keep them from attacking each other. My suggested service for these boys would be three or four visits per day to keep them occupied, during which time I would get to know them with lots of play and strokes.

This lovely little girl is elderly and quite delicate, and she needs to take medication at the same time every day. Rosie sometimes suffers from sickness and she is very picky with her food. She loves company and doesn’t venture any further than her back garden, where she likes to spend time with her owner.

Rosie’s needs are quite specific and, as she is elderly and frail, she would need regular attention while her owners are away. In this instance, I would be prepared to visit Rosie as many times per day as required, to administer her medication and to encourage her to eat. My visits would also involve lots of strokes and affection, and accompanied access to the garden.

These gorgeous little kittens have only just been adopted and are starting to explore their new home (and shred things). Their owners work full-time and although they know the kittens have each other for company, they’d like someone to visit them during the day to make sure they have some human interaction and to clear up any little accidents.

Pumpkin and Teddy would benefit from a once-daily visit to make sure that they have human company and someone looking out for them during the day. As well as playing with them and giving them lots of cuddles and attention, I would ensure that they were safe from any potential hazards.

These pedigree beauties are indoor cats whose lives revolve around their owners, and vice versa. They have a well-polished routine and, whilst they can amuse themselves while their owners are out at work all day, they demand constant attention as soon as they walk through the door.

For this gorgeous trio I would suggest the Morning & Evening Service or the Overnight service to give them the amount of interaction and company that they are used to. My visits would involve lots of strokes, play, lap time, and grooming to keep them looking pristine. Their routine wouldn’t be disrupted and they would continue to receive the love and attention that they are used to.