Pet Sitting Service


All cats are unique and have their own little ways and routines. Therefore, in order to understand your cat’s needs, and their likes and dislikes, once you have made a confirmed booking I will carry out a brief home visit to meet you and your cat and to collect a spare key. This is an informal visit so please don’t worry about your home looking immaculate! It’s purely for me to get all the information I need to provide your cat with the highest standard of care, and also to give you peace of mind. If a home visit isn’t possible, I can set up an online meeting using Teams or Zoom or simply chat through your requirements over the phone.

My service is tailored to your pet’s needs, but here is an overview of what I would usually do on my pet sitting visits:

  • Feeding your pet to your requirements, and refilling water stations
  • Cleaning of feeding stations, litter trays, and any little mishaps (including disposal of “gifts” i.e. rodents)
  • Administering medication if required
  • Ensuring that indoor cats are kept securely inside
  • Accompanying your pet to the garden if requested
  • Stroking and talking to your pet, and providing a willing lap
  • Playing with your pet (this is a great stress-reliever for cats)
  • Observing your pet’s general health and contacting you if there is a concern
  • Sending you updates via text or WhatsApp, if requested

Pet Sitting Services

Daily Visits

My daily visit service offers your cat regular interaction and company, and my time spent with them is tailored to suit their needs. Some cats need lots of fuss or a lap to curl up on, others like to have play sessions, and the more independent ones just prefer to have their food and be left to their own devices. I can provide once-daily or twice-daily visits in the morning and/or evening. My prices are based on location and are calculated using the distance travelled from my home.

Prices per visit
NR1 & NR2 (Norwich City South)
NR4 (Eaton and Cringleford areas)
NR7 (Thorpe St. Andrew and Dussindale areas)
NR13 (Brundall and Blofield areas)
NR14 (Surlingham, Rockland St. Mary, Bramerton areas)
NR14 (Poringland, Framingham Earl, Stoke areas)
NR14 (Loddon area)
NR14 (Mulbarton and Swainsthorpe areas)
NR15 (Brooke and Shotesham areas)
NR18 (Wymondham)
  • Prices shown are for up to four cats per household. For four cats and above, an additional £3 per visit will be added.
  • Bank Holidays – visits are charged at 1.5 times the normal visit rate, e.g. a £10 visit will be £15 on a Bank Holiday.
  • Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Year’s Day – visits are charged at double the normal visit rate.
  • Visits on Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, Boxing Day, New Year’s Eve, New Year’s Day, Good Friday, Easter Sunday and Easter Monday – on these days I am only able to offer one visit per day.

Complimentary service

As part of my pet sitting service I am also able to provide you with further peace of mind by ensuring your home looks “lived in” while you’re away. At your request I can open and close curtains, switch lights on and off, take the bins out on collection day, and water houseplants. I will visit your home in my own “unmarked” vehicle so as not to alert people to your absence.

How will a Pet Sitting service suit my cat’s needs?

To give you an idea of how pet sitting works for your cat, here are some examples of pets and their home routines. These are fictional cats but they will give you an idea of how my visits are tailored to meet the needs of your pet. You will probably be able to recognise some of your own cat’s characteristics here!

Angus is an independent boy who loves to spend his days exploring the neighbourhood and doing his own thing. He has a microchip cat flap so he can come and go as he pleases. Angus doesn’t like too much fuss, but he is used to having food in the morning and evening, which his owners like too because it keeps him coming back home to them.

Angus would be perfectly happy with once-daily visits. During my visits I would prepare his food and then set his automatic feeder for his next meal, in order to keep to his feeding routine. I would spend time getting to know Angus (talking, stroking, playing) so that he is familiar with my scent and voice, and for him to associate me with food so that he returns to his home each day.

Poppy is a very loving indoor cat who spends most of her time asleep or pottering around with her owner. She adores curling up on a lap and being told how beautiful she is. She is very particular about what she eats, preferring to have her food in small portions.

For Poppy, I would recommend twice-daily visits to ensure that she has the human company and regular feeding that she is used to. My visits to Poppy would involve lots of cuddles and lap-time, as well as providing her with fresh food and topping up her biscuits so that she can snack during the day.

These boys are brothers but there’s no sibling affection here – they put up with each other and live together quite peaceably when their needs are met, but when they get hungry or bored they start to bicker at each other, resulting in tussles which can turn into all-out war!

Toby and Otto need regular attention and stimulation to keep them from attacking each other. My suggested service for these boys would be twice-daily visits to keep them occupied, during which time I would provide them with individual attention as well as combined play.

Dear little Rosie is diabetic, so she needs insulin injections twice a day at regular times. Rosie sometimes suffers from sickness and she is very picky with her food. She likes to have a quick wander round the back garden in the morning after breakfast and in the evening before dinner, but she comes back indoors again after a few minutes.

Rosie needs to be visited twice-daily at regular times, to make sure that she gets her insulin injections. I would ensure that she is fed with her favourite food in order to encourage her to eat, and that she keeps to her routine of insulin injections and accompanied outdoor access so that she remains healthy and happy while her owners are away.

These gorgeous little kittens have only just been adopted and are starting to explore their new home (and shred things). Even though they would love to explore the great outdoors, they are far too young to venture outside. Although the kittens have each other for company, they love company and need twice-daily visits to make sure they have some human interaction.

My visits to Pumpkin and Teddy would be concentrated around giving them lots of attention and playtime, as well as clearing up any little accidents. The kittens’ safety would be a priority; as well as removing any potential hazards I would take every step necessary to ensure they remained safely inside their home.

These pedigree beauties are indoor cats whose lives revolve around their owners, and vice versa. They have a well-polished routine and, whilst they can amuse themselves while their owners are out at work all day, they demand constant attention as soon as they walk through the door.

For this gorgeous trio I would recommend twice-daily visits to ensure that they have the amount of interaction and company that they are used to. My visits would involve lots of strokes, play, lap time, and grooming to keep them looking pristine. Their routine wouldn’t be disrupted and they would continue to receive the love and attention that they are used to.